07 – Rolling Steel Garage Doors (6000)

Rolling Steel Garage Doors
Non-Insulated Fenestrated Garage Door om Grau

These INDUSTRIAL DUTY coiling service doors are engineered and designed for maximum strength and durability. Manufactured to stringent code standards, this Series is an industrial product built without shortcuts to provide a high degree of confidence for specifiers and end users. A wide variety of slat profiles, gauges, and color options are available.

More Info:

Powder Coat – Select powder coat options from a palette of 188 colors. RAL numbers are provided for each color to ensure that your selection is consistent.

Hood – Half-hexagonal formed hoods deliver superior structural rigidity and aesthetic appeal.

Windows – Clear polycarbonate glazed lites approximately 5” x 1-1/8” in size and spaced 7” on center. Pattern options include one or more full rows or groups of windows.

Service Panel – Guides feature an easily removable 24” inside angle simplifying the replacement of damaged slats or bottom bar.


Manufacturer C.H.I. Overhead Doors
Model 6000 Series
Options Non-Insulated or Insulated
Options Non-Insulated or Insulated